Death is only part of it

Assume control of Death herself and reap souls to renew the cycle of life!

This game is my entry for the NOKIA 3310 JAM 2! Theme: Death is Good

When I saw this Jam's theme I HAD to participate even though I had just returned from the GGJ. I was a bit late for the party but I'm still proud of the result considering how much time I had to develop it.

As always, a sincere thanks to anyone who plays it. I'm eager to hear your feedback!

Special thanks to my friend Lara Martuscelli who provided me the extremely funny pixel-art pets, some of which didn't make it to the final game, and the very relaxing 8-bit track you hear in the background, which I personally really like.


Press X to shoot;

Hold SPACE to collect the souls of the fallen :p

Development log

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