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As a white blood cell, you must defend the body you live in.

Several viruses and bacteria are invading and trying to take control by spreading their infections across the body. The rest of the white blood cells have fallen already, but you have a secret weapon at your disposal... the Biolazer gun!

Viruses trying to murder you:

Gameplay Hard

I got this, I got this...

Gameplay 2

Destroy the infections!

How to Play

How to Play

The enemies are spawning from the infections. You have three lives and you lose one whenever an enemy gets in contact with you, but you can recover it by stunning enemies with your biolazer gun and phagocytizing the enemy (Eating it alive!).

The infections (purple dots on the minimap) will continue to spawn as enemies spread a chemical gas around the map (yellow dots). You can put out these chemicals before they turn into new infections.

Good Luck!

Credits to the amazing team:

You guys are awesome!

Guilherme Silva

Eric Henrique (https://qnomon.itch.io)

Vinícius Gomes

& myself :>

This game was developed using Python and the library PyGame for our semester game at Fatec SCS.

Install instructions

You must have Python installed in your machine to play the game: https://www.python.org/downloads/

To play Micrombat, download the .zip file, extract it and run Micrombat.py to play the game.


Micrombat.zip 12 MB

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