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This is an entry for the Weekly Game Jam 113! https://itch.io/jam/weekly-game-jam-113 (5-Minute Hero)

So Many Cats!
Too many cats...

As you were walking by, you notice that an old lady has accidentally let her house's window open, and her thousands of cats have jumped into a tree in front of her house.

The neighbors called the firefighters, but they will take 5 minutes to arrive. Can you save enough kittens until then?

This is an action game where you need to survive 5 minutes and rescue as many cats as you can. Share your scores! The highest the score, the lower the animal cruelty. Please save them, we love cats.

This game will receive a couple of updates in the near future to improve its gameplay and add mechanics that we wanted to include, like leaderboards and mad cats that want to scratch you.



Andress Martin


Kelvin Santos

Lara Martuscelli

Guilherme Silva

Eric Henrique 

Special Thanks to:

Mateus Chelegal

Ariel Felipe

Fatec SCS, which provided the environment for us to meet.

This was our first jam ever together, so thank you to everyone who played!

Install instructions

Simply download and play in your desktop, unzip Five Meownuts.7z and play Five Meownuts.exe.


Meownuts 1.5 22 MB

Development log


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EU AMEI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vocês são incríveis <3 <3 <3
Ps..matei alguns gatinhos Y.Y


I think the difficulty is on point. Had to play it 3 times to see the ending lol I love it! It would be nice if there was a leaderboard of some kind, even if only local.


oh god they hit the ground so hard :(


I loved the game! but it's pretty hard (and that's good too), I WANT TO SAVE ALL THE KITTENS